João Orvalho

Name: João Gilberto de Matos Orvalho
Date of birthday and local: March 13, 1962 in Abrantes
Marital status: Married
Nationality: Portuguese
Address: R. Vicente Pindela, 36, 1° Esq, 3030-030 Coimbra
Phone: +351936969156
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

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Academic Qualifications

PhD in Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra, 2001;
Master of Science (MsC) in Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra, 1994;
Degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Science), University of Coimbra, 1987.

Previous and current scientific and professional

Coimbra School of Education, Polytechnic of Coimbra: Assistant/Professor, November 1994 to December 2012, Associate Professor (Professor Coordenador) from January 2013 to date, Dean since January 14, 2004 until June 20, 2007; until 18 December 2010 was member of Scientific-Technical Council (STC)by the Department of Arts and Technology (DAT), Director of Design Multimedia and Communication undergraduation, member of the Pedagogical Council, President of the DAT and Vice-President of the STC.

He was the creator and the director of the master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); is the postgraduate coordinator in Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience (UX) of the Polytechnic of Coimbra.

From September 2017 to March 2019 was the investigator responsible for the Project BlueEyes - Beacons and HCI Researcher: Making the Invisible Visible, Project No. 23797, AAC No. 02 / SAICT / 2016 - IC&DT Polytechnic Projects, from Portugal 2020. BlueEyes

University of Coimbra: Researcher at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra from November 1987 to December 1994; Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra: member of the "Communications and Telematic Services" research group, from 1994 until now; Department of Informatics Engineering UC, Visiting Professor for the Master of Science (MsC) on Communications and Telematics.

He was Councilman of the City Council of Coimbra , from 18 December 2010 until 27 March 2012.

He was the leader and the Project Coordinator Smart Coimbra (Coimbra Smart City), a partnership between the City of Coimbra and the University of Coimbra.

He is entrepreneur.

Collaborates regularly with the business and industry sector.

Publications He is author/co-author and edithor/co-edithor of several published works, some may be accessed at the following links:

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